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A Strong and Innovative Leader for the 67th District

In the 67th, we have a responsibility to speak progressive truths, and I will not stray from ours.

I will not stand down on protecting women’s rights, on LGBTQIA+ rights, or rights of immigrants, or of peoples of color, or of people of faith.

In Rockford, we demand them all.

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Issues that Matter to Rockford

Public Safety

Every resident deserves to be safe in their community. We must implement proven, strategic interventions to reduce violence, end mass incarceration, reform our criminal justice system and reverse the systematic disinvestment in our communities which has left so many without economic opportunity and created a school-to-prison pipeline.

Economic Development

Rockford is ready to work. We need to work together to bring jobs to our area which will support our residents and increase the economic well-being of our city. We must invest in modern infrastructure, provide training for the new tech economy, support our labor organizations, and take advantage of the incredible potential and opportunity in our region.

Children & Families

Child care, public education, and family-leave policy is economic policy. The state of Illinois doesn’t treat it that way. But it is time to think differently. The choices we make about these issues are deeply influential in shaping outcomes later in life. We need to take an investment approach to our children and familes and the policies which affect them.

Mental Health

We have a mental health crisis in Illinois. Communities are suffering from a lack of access to doctors and counselors, a lack of affordable treatment options, and from the impact this lack of services has on our economic interests, public-safety, education and healthcare systems. We need to expand access and affordability for all of our residents.

My name is Angela Fellars and I’m here to recruit you. We can’t allow our futures and our community to be dictated by a Trump-Rauner agenda. We have to stand up for what we believe in.

We don’t need yet another politician or Springfield insider coming into our neighborhoods and talking about crime, poverty, and gangs. We need a leader who comes with solutions for equitable access to education, jobs, and healthcare and who is bold enough to imagine a better future for all of us. Join me in imagining and creating a more vibrant community.

Support Angela! We need your help.

News and Events

Meet Up: 2/22 3:00 – 5:30pm

Soul Food Black History Meet Up 505 N Main Street, Rockford, IL

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Meet and Greet: 2/25 2:00 – 4:00pm

State House Candidates Meet & Greet for 67th, 68th, and

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Voter Information Session: 2/27 5:30 – 7:30pm

Voter Information Session put on by United Way of Rock River

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Candidate Forum: 3/5 7:30pm

Candidate Forum put on by the Sierra Club. Unitarian

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Fundraiser & Meet and Greet: 3/7 5:30 – 7:30

Fundraiser and meet and greet, Gene’s Place, 4412

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Candidate Forum: 3/8 7:00pm

Candidate Forum sponsored by the Signal Hill Neighborhood

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Harlem Federation of Teachers

Planned Parenthood

Christopher Sims

Rockford Activist and Poet

Kelly Wickham Hurst

Writer, Activist, and Founder of Being Black at School

Support Angela! We need your help.

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